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Sensory Play Box – Opening

Sensory Play Box Open

We started getting this monthly subscription box a few months ago and it truly is the highlight of my kids’ month.  Especially my 6 year old son. As much as I’d love their highlight to be kicking leaves on a family woodland walk (and maybe subconsciously it is) they just get so excited with this box of goodies.

Sensory Play Box

Fidget ToyMy son fidgets a LOT and fidget toys help him to eat, study, focus and relax.  Since he loves and plays with his fidget toys so much though they often get lost or broken so it’s amazing getting new ones every month and has really helped change our family dynamic.

He finds life quite stressful and my heart melts when I see how happy this monthly surprise makes him.

Last month’s box was wonderful and we’ve received some awesome messy play items in previous boxes that both children love but my 2 year old especially will play those with for hours.


These are some items that were in last month’s box.  They have all been thoroughly loved and played with but this little polar bear my son adored so much.  He’s very much into ‘cute’ things and loves animals but we don’t have any pets yet so he carried this little thing around with him constantly for weeks.  I think it’s now found a home under the sofa somewhere 😆

Polar Bear Sensory Toy


This is another Chewigem to add to our collection.  They are chewable, non toxic jewellery and toys. They’re wonderful for my son and we need a few so that he’s always got one to hand.  So we were really pleased to receive another in our box.  Chloe at Sensory Play Box was kind enough to offer to replace that with something he didn’t have but the more the merrier with Chewigem! Besides we didn’t have this colour.  And colour can be all the matters some days.

Sensory Play Box Contents List

These boxes are wonderful for any child but especially helpful for children (or adults!) with autism, sensory needs, ADHD or anxiety.  As a child I would have absolutely loved this box and it would have helped my own anxiety and high sensation seeking.

I have seen a really positive change in my son since we began receiving this box and he’s taking a lot more in his stride.

You can watch the video where we open this month’s box below!

You can subscribe to your own Sensory Play Box at

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