My Top Tips to Getting and Staying Lean and Healthy Part 2 – Eggs

Poached EggsOnce you’ve got your mindset in the right place and you’re feeling positive and motivated to get lean and healthy the next step is beginning to steer your diet towards a more whole food based approach.  So my top tip number 2 is… EGGS!!

Eggs are little nutritional powerhouses containing lots of protein, healthy fats and a small amount of carbs. They’re often called nature’s multivitamin and you can see why by looking at the nutritional data here.

My 2 year old is a veggie hater.  But she loves eggs. So we have scrambled eggs cooked in butter for lunch most days and I feel content that her body is getting everything it needs.

Many people say they can’t afford to eat healthily but we get 6 eggs from a lady in our village for £1.  Add some veg in and you could essentially live for £2 a day off that. Not only that, by getting them from a local supplier you can ask questions, meet the chickens (and say thank you if you like!), show your children where their food comes from and know they are fresh.  You can be pretty confident the animals are being treated well and you’re also doing your bit for the environment by shopping locally! (and returning the egg cases for later use).

Eggs will last for months in the fridge – they last 4 or 5 times longer in the fridge than at room temperature.  They are quick and easy to cook and are extremely versatile.  For children who don’t like them savoury you can make banana pancakes (a ratio of 1 banana to 1 egg mashed together and fried in coconut oil) or any biscuit/cake/muffin like my Spelt, Pumpkin Seed, Apple and Carrot Muffins. I would always advise using a natural sweetener instead of sugar but making eggs sweet doesn’t take away their benefits.

For weight loss, or even maintaining weight eggs are excellent bang for your buck calorie wise.  Eggs fill me up quicker and longer than any other food.  I used to be a 10/11am snacker because I would be so unfulfilled after my bowl of cereal.  If I have eggs for breakfast I’m so satiated I don’t even think about food until lunchtime which is awesome.

If having eggs for breakfast I usually have 2 poached eggs with some fried spinach and then I squeeze lemon onto the spinach and top with pine nuts.  If I have any other veg & a bit of time I’ll add that in too.  I’ll often enjoy a glass of water with lemon alongside (drunk with a straw as lemon causes tooth erosion). Eating eggs and veg for brekkie makes you feel like a winner too – the day’s definitely off to a good start if you’ve already got some veg in and eating a meal that doesn’t spike your blood sugar first thing sets you up for great eating choices all day.  It’s so much easier to not overeat if you’re not craving sugar or feeling tired, weak and dizzy.

Sometimes, if I haven’t worked out and I’m not feeling too hungry I’ll just have 1 egg and that usually feels like enough, sometimes 2 feels like too much. If you track calories on something like My Fitness Pal (which I would advise if you’re on a weightloss journey) you’ll be amazed to see how low your calories come out and how satisfied you feel.  It’s a clear example that calories are not equal.  Try eating the same amount of calories in cereal or toast and see how much quicker you become hungry and how many more total calories you have that day.

I love piling a load of veg on with the eggs too as I feel they compliment each other really well, it’s low carb and vegetables are a great way of filling up without consuming too many calories.  Not that calories are bad – we want a certain amount of calories each day (I don’t recommend anything under 1500) but you do need to be at a calorie defecit to lose weight.

For lunch, usually if I haven’t had eggs for breakfast (not that there’s anything wrong with eating them for brekkie AND lunch!) I’ll cook up some mushrooms, courgette and maybe another quick cook veg like asparagus, spinach etc. in some coconut oil with some sliced garlic, grated tumeric and cinnamon and eat with scrambled eggs cooked in butter (ideally unpasteurised like Isigny Ste Mere).

It’s SO tasty and I savour every bite. If I want to treat myself to a sweet treat after, I’ll just have 1 or 2 eggs (sometimes I have 3 or 4!). The veg is surprisingly filling too.

A great way to eat eggs on the go are frittatas – you can mix some eggs up with chopped veg and anything else you have hanging around – leftover chicken, ham, cheese, olives etc. and pop it in the oven.  You can then transfer them to a storage container in the fridge and have 1 or 2 whenever you need.

I find whenever I’m having eggs in my diet I stay on track SO much easier and there’s no other food I notice that about.  Sure, eating lots of low carb veg is great but the eggs are an absolute winner all round.

Many vegans make the compromise to keep their own chickens and eat the eggs.  They get the essential vitamins missing from a vegan diet and can give them to their children content in the knowledge they will be healthy without compromising their values.

I will be sure to create some yummy egg recipes at some point and please share any you have!



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