My Story

Hi! I’m Sally, a nearly 40 year old mum of 2 wonderful children.  I now have a mostly very stable, happy life but things haven’t always been this way and I’ve experienced many challenges throughout my life, stemming from a bad childhood.

I believe in respectful, loving and authentic parenting but my past often rears its ugly head in the form of mental health problems and I struggle.  I often scream at the kids totally irrationally. But the more I talk to other parents I realise we ALL struggle – even those that seem to have it all together.

I have also realised my hormones are to blame for a lot of it.  The mood element of PMS affects me for 1-2 weeks every month so I’m researching hormones a lot at the moment. Hopefully I will have some good information to share soon.  I think a lot of women suffer with hormonal issues they’re totally unaware of.

I’m working on not allowing myself to enter a cycle of shame and guilt when I act in an unhelpful way and instead forgiving myself, apologising and explaining to my children and practising self care to help get me back on track.

Although I am atheist I have found Buddhism to be extremely helpful and the more of a natural and simple life I lead the better I feel and the easier life becomes.

Life doesn’t HAVE to be so hard.

But I’m rubbish at remembering to do mindfulness and all the other practices I know help. The irony is I’m too in my own head to remember.

I love to be healthy and respect my body and I love to create recipes so this blog started out of a desire to share those with others on a similar mission.

I also felt like it was important to have some mums out there blogging about the real struggles and solutions to life with children rather than these mums that seem to have it all perfect.  The invention of the internet and social media has created a false perception of how people’s lives truly are. You only see a superficial image of people – what they want you to see – and that isn’t healthy.  

I have read so many parenting books and although they were essential for me to grasp some concepts,, I have also realised that getting myself to a good place that I can really hear my children and give them what they need is way more important than any technique.

I mostly follow the RIE style of parenting and eat a loosely based paleo/real food/WAPF diet.  I try to live a paleo lifestyle too which includes things like earthing, barefoot shoes, spending time in nature and general healthy living.

A lot of my recipes are done in my Vitamix as a food processor and all its bits take up too much space in my tiny kitchen. So the quantities will change if using a processor. Most blenders should do the job though and I highly recommend this little gadget.

I have a little project I’m working on at the moment which I’m excited about and will share soon and I’ve just moved over to this shiny new blog with my very own domain name!

Thanks for visiting and pop by again soon!