5 Breakfasts and Listening to My Body

Yesterday, on a glorious sunny day,  I sat on our new deck with our new repurposed table and some camping chairs (until hubby makes a couple of wooden benches for the table).

Repurposed Table

I opened the box of Primose’s Kitchen Raw Carrot, Apple and Cinnamon Muesli I’d had stashed at the back of my cupboard.  My breakfast usually consists of either poached eggs and spinach with lemon and pine nuts or a bowl of a selection of goodies like frozen fruit, flax, sunflower, pumpkin, chia or hemp seeds, nuts, goji berries, coconut chips, protein powder, cacao nibs, Nuzest Good Green Stuff, acai powder, probiotic powder, almond/coconut milk and coconut yogurt. If using coconut yogurt I would soak in water.

I try to do this first thing before working out and getting dressed so the seeds are nice and soaked before eating. Soaked seeds and nuts are much better for you.  See this great post by Wellness Mama for further info. I activate my nuts (soak in salt water overnight then dehydrate) but I need to get some dehydrator sheets for doing seeds as they’d just fall through the gaps.

Also the fruit gets a chance to defrost. I usually stick a bit of hot water in the bowl which helps them to defrost. But I put it in after the almond milk/cold water has gone in so as not to destroy any nutrients or enzymes.

I love this collection as there’s so many nutrients and minerals, they’re great at stabilising blood sugar and managing weight and I love having a variety of crunchy foods. I don’t miss cereal at all. But as it does take a while to put together I wanted a back up option of something I could just pour into a bowl, add milk and eat.  And boy did this fit the bill.

The balance of flavours is perfect and it’s just the right sweetness.  It’s real food and vegan friendly and I’ve just realised they come with a whole host of different options. I know Waitrose sell the beetroot one but on Amazon you can get courgette and cacao and orange and cashew granola!!! This is very exciting for me. Not only is it a quick, gorgeous breakfast or snack that fits my nutritional requirements but my fussy fussy 2 year old likes it! I had been worrying about her nutrition as she won’t eat vegetables, unlike my son who ate them in spades at her age (and still does at 6).

She was eating Oatibix Flakes but I wasn’t happy about 1 of her 3 meals (if she eats all 3 meals) being full of sugar and maltodextrin so I’m chuffed she’ll eat this.  I can’t wait to experiment with the other flavours.  Oats aren’t a great food either, they raise blood glucose a lot.  Primrose’s Kitchen do contain oats but I think overall it’s better than Oatibix.

So I had a little bowl of that with almond milk after an average intensity workout. My appetite had gone down a lot since the sickness episode last week and I would get a tummy ache if I ate too much so I tested out a little bowl. It was so tasty though and I still felt hungry so I went back for another.

About 45 minutes later I was still really hungry.  My mornings usually start around 6/7 and most mornings I do a fasted workout first thing.  I have also been reading a lot about hormones recently as I’m realising that most of my mental health issues are hormonal.  Or at least they’re manageable when my hormones are balanced. I can’t afford hormone tests to pinpoint the exact issue so I’m just trying to be as healthy as I can and drink hormone balancing teas like dandelion root, chamomile and redbush. It’s a shame I don’t like maca as that’s supposed to be good for hormones. Sadly it made me really sick – my tummy doesn’t like maca. And I think it tastes revolting.

I remembered reading that between ovulation and menses your progesterone goes up and estrogen goes down. Estrogen increases your feeling of fullness as explained in this blog post and progesterone selectively metabolises protein and burns it 10% more efficiently, as explained in this blog post.

Also my calories were down from my sickness and I had lost 2 pounds.  Which I think was all muscle because I REALLY struggled with my workouts. I had to take a couple of days off and then I just did yoga and low intensity work. So I figured I’d listen to my body and eat if I’m hungry.

Considering I wanted some protein for my progesterone I made one of my favourite meals – 2 poached eggs with spinach.  I squeeze lemon onto the spinach and top with pine nuts, salt and pepper. Sometimes I cook the spinach with cinnamon and turmeric too.

Eggs in the gardenAbout 9am, a little while after my eggs I was still peckish and fancying something sweet.  Since I had done a workout that morning I thought my muscles’ glycogen store may be low. so again, listening to my body, I made myself a dessert of Coconut Collaborative Coconut & Vanilla ‘ice cream’, a couple of Livia’s Kitchen Salted Caramel millionaire bites, some cacao nibs, Sweet Freedom Choc Shot Syrup and after I took this photo I added some Nature’s Heart raw chocolate covered goldenberries as I’m obsessed with them and my little girl was eating some so I couldn’t resist.

It was really nice and refreshing but I won’t be buying that ice cream anymore.  Something in it makes me REALLY gassy. I thought it was the inulin which it might be but an Ocado reviewer says its the guar gum and locust bean gum. Apparently carrageenan causes inflammation of the brain too. I am desperate to try the Coconuts Naturally ice cream which uses coconut sugar as a sweetener. That has guar and locust bean gum also so I will try some and know for sure.  For now, I’ll just make my own coconut ice cream with frozen bananas and coconut milk, maybe a touch of honey or coconut nectar. I usually just throw random amounts in but I’ll do some measures and post a recipe soon.

Healthy Dessert

That kept me sated for a while but then at around 10.30 the rest of my family wanted cheese sandwiches. Hubby was kind enough to sort them out and I felt drawn to the vegetable draw so I made myself some crudites and a fruit & veg juice.

Crudites and Beetroot JuiceI had a lot more in that bowl including some cucumber but I ate a lot while chopping.

The juice was made from 2 small beetroots, peeled & chucked in whole, the end of a celery including the leaves, 2 oranges, half a lemon squeezed, an inch square of ginger (chopped off of a frozen piece) some ice and coconut water. I think that was it.  I originally got the idea for this from Sarah’s Day youtube video.  She is fabulous btw so check her out! Apart from the lemon which I squeezed in, the rest just went in the Vitamix whole and whizzed up until smooth. It’s so much better having the whole food than juicing.

The meal was very satisfying, it was so nice to snack and crunch while reading and enjoying the sun.

I wasn’t really hungry until 4/5ish but the BBQ still wasn’t on (hubby had spent all afternoon putting it together and now had to go out for gas). So to tide me over I had a serving of my Healthy Chocolate Cashew Fudge and a Chocolate Protein Ball.

Then I wolfed down a load of sausages, burgers and salad.  I usually avoid processed meat with dodgy things in them like dextrose, preservatives and stabilisers etc. but actually these Morrisons burgers and sausages weren’t too bad. Yes they had those things in them but rather than a whole host of grain fillers, these were gluten free and bulked out with pea flour! Which made them even higher protein. Excellent. It’s so exciting how many new healthy products are released every day and how much healthier the supermarket own brands are getting.

After dinner, the rest of my family had toasted marshmallows from our new BBQ and I had one of my Healthy Chocolate Ice Cream Cups.

That’s more sweet treats than I’d usually have but if I’d had something savoury I might’ve not been satisfied and still wanted a treat so I just ate what I fancied.  The good thing about my homemade treats is the macros are very balanced, there’s protein and healthy fats in them all and the sweeteners are low and healthy.  So when my hormones are playing me up, rather than making myself miserable, I just indulge.  I still workout regularly and can manage my eating better during the first 14 days of my menstrual month. It has just occurred to me that writing a food blog probably isn’t that helpful either 😆

I can feel myself getting stronger again though – my workout this morning was SO much better. So I probably needed all the food. I have gained those 2 pounds back which is good. I’d rather be heavier and stronger than light and weak, which is how I used to be – skinny fat.

I drank a LOT of water throughout the day to keep me hydrated.  And really it was just a lovely relaxing day.

This morning I put together my own 12 minute workout so maybe I can share that tomorrow.  For now I need to do my online food shop, sort out the clutter that’s reforming since my mass declutter and make dinner. Something on the barbie again I reckon!

Please comment below on your hunger fluctuations and any knowledge of female hormones you have!



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